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Swiss Vault

Swiss Vault is leading the way for sustainable data storage solutions. Swiss Vault’s hardware and software products achieve high-performance data management. Our commitment is unwavering to reduce energy consumption, electronic waste, and data’s embedded CO2 footprint. 

Swiss Vault's Data Storage Technology: Innovative Software and Hardware

  1. Compact Systems: Swiss Vault reduced the size, weight, and noise emissions of data storage systems, shrinking their size while maintaining efficiency.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Swiss Vault's systems consume less energy compared to traditional counterparts.
  3. Reduce CAPEX: Use data servers to end the product's functional life. This also reduces electronic waste. 
  4. Digital Health Challenges: Our Edge networking units ensure secure data flow from connected IoT devices.
  5. Unique Designs for Sustainability: We integrate innovative designs to reduce the need for high-cost construction of data centres.

Introducing the Vault File System

Our software-defined storage product, the Vault File System, enables 100-year data storage.  Key features include:

  • Highly Resilient Data Archive
  • Self-Healing Data
  • Reduce Space
  • Reduce OPEX
  • Lower CAPEX
  • Overall Efficiency

Choose Swiss Vault for sustainable, robust, and forward-thinking data storage solutions. Together, we build a better digital future.

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