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Sustainable Network

We are an ecosystem of purpose and values aligned founders, investors, and thought leaders, focused on funding & developing start-ups in the impact investment space. What sets us apart is our unique focus on inner development and elevating consciousness in both founders and the start-ups we support, creating a positive ripple effect in the wider world.

We believe that true change starts from within and that in order to make a significant impact in the realm of impact investment, it's essential to cultivate the inner growth and awareness of the individuals driving these ventures. By integrating principles of personal development, mindfulness, and conscious leadership, we aim to empower founders and their teams to thrive not only professionally but also personally.


International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct
United Kingdom

  • Sustainable Network Explainer

    15 May 2023 Sustainable Network
    The current system is broken. It allows too many potentially world-saving ideas and innovations to fail. As a community of purpose and values-driven entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders, we be ...