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Soil Link

Soil Link, the industry disrupting digital Material Exchange Mechanism (MEP), designed for the construction industry to trade soils and aggregates. The MEP facilitates a circular economy on a national scale, reducing reliance on landfill, CO2e and depletion of natural resources.

The Soil Link MEP is a centralised, digital hub for construction projects across the UK to register their surplus or required, soils and aggregates. Once a material has been listed on the marketplace, it is visible to the entire Soil Link database, where users are able to bid for the supply or removal of the material.

Benefits include:

  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY - Reuse and recycle to reduce reliance on landfill, CO2e and depletion of natural resource
  • COST SAVING - On average users save 26% of costs versus traditional methods
  • FREE TO REGISTER - Access the marketplace free of charge

Our users span the entire width and breadth of the construction industry, from major infrastructure projects though to residential developments as well as service operators including hauliers and recycling facilities.

The platform exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to construction practices, aligning with the imperative goals of reducing waste, promoting the circular economy and reducing costs.

Visit the Soil Link Website