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Sizewell C

Stand: E18

Sizewell C will be a 3.2-gigawatt power station generating low-carbon electricity for around 6 million homes.

It will be a close copy of Hinkley Point C which is already under construction in Somerset.

These new power stations will play a key role in our energy future, supplying reliable, clean electricity for at least 60 years.


United Kingdom

  • As a generator of low-carbon electricity and heat, Sizewell C can help kickstart other technologies needed to achieve net zero. We have exciting plans to bring nuclear and hydrogen together in East An ...
  • Are you looking for a quick and simple explanation of what Sizewell C is and what it will mean for Britain? This video gives you just that. In it, we look at the various aspects of Sizewell C, a new n ...
  • Sizewell C's Civil Programme Director, Sarah Williamson, gives us an overview of the nuclear power station project and the major role it will play in helping the UK tackle carbon emissions once constr ...
  • Sizewell C and Associated British Ports (ABP) are developing plans to locate a unique Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility at the Port of Lowestoft, capable of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere ...
  • Suffolk reaps the benefits of Sizewell C early works as Hinkley Point C releases report showing wide-reaching socioeconomic benefits.
  • Sizewell C will boost local biodiversity 
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