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Saatrop is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, specializing in the tokenization of assets to reestablish trust and confidence in high value processes. We aim to continuously develop solutions focusing on the tokenization of various assets to address the challenges of fragmented and inefficient markets by creating platforms where everyone can participate openly and fairly.

Saatrop is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of blockchain tokenization, driving forward innovations that redefine industries. By prioritizing community governance and direct participation in our platforms, we are dedicated to making asset trading simpler, faster, and more reliable for all stakeholders.

Our expertise spans several critical areas:

• Energy – Securing carbon offset trading with blockchain technology.

• Privacy – Protecting identities and personal information.

• Supply Chain – Enhancing the security of high-value commodity movements.

Our flagship product, Susa6, exemplifies this mission by transforming the global trading landscape for carbon offsets. Utilizing the robust Hyperledger Fabric technology, Susa6 establishes a community-governed, registry-agnostic marketplace that democratizes access, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This ensures that registries, brokers, and other market participants can directly engage in a transparent, efficient, and secure trading environment. Accessible 24/7, Susa6 is the first step in our commitment to breaking down barriers in asset trading.


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Castle Hill