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RFC Power

RFC Power is an innovative company at the forefront of energy storage technology, striving to revolutionize the way we store renewable energy. With a focus on developing the world’s lowest-cost flow battery, RFC Power aims to facilitate the global transition to 100% renewable energy sources. Their unique, globally patented hydrogen manganese chemistry sets them apart, offering a lower levelized cost of storage compared to traditional vanadium or lithium-ion systems.

The company’s technology boasts high single cell voltage, power density, and round-trip efficiency, alongside an extremely long cycle life. The non-toxic, inexpensive electrolyte used in their batteries significantly reduces capital costs, making it an economically viable solution for long-duration energy storage. RFC Power’s flow batteries are versatile, suitable for various applications, and can be integrated into existing hydrogen infrastructure, strengthening the link with the burgeoning hydrogen economy.

Founded as a spin-out from Imperial College London, RFC Power’s roots are in scientific excellence, supported by a team of world-leading electrochemists. Their mission is underpinned by numerous scientific breakthroughs and a commitment to sustainability. By leveraging advanced chemistry and cell architecture, RFC Power is not just creating energy storage solutions; they are building the foundation for a cleaner, more resilient energy future.

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