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Pike Education

Stand: E16
  • Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero
  • Climate Tech
  • Renewable Energy Solutions

Pike Education is an innovator in the field of bespoke Learning and Development, creating educational learning programmes for buisnesses and organisations across the globe,

We are committed to the development of relevant, engaging, content-rich and transformative learning experiences to champion ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) for all types of buisnesses and organisations. We can tailor our programmes to reflect your organisations ecosystems, incorperate your ESCG goals and act as route map on your organisations journey to NetZero.

Our collaborations and partnerships have seen our content being used by more than 55 major organisations in the UK.

We deploy our pedagogical expertise to design stimulating learning packages utilising the latest research and industry requirements to support organisations in their ESG commitments.


United Kingdom

  • Hailed as a crucial weapon against Climate Change but, also at times criticised by environmentalists, this programme helps learners navigate the technology and methods employed in capturing or utilisi ...
  • This recently completed programme charts the landscape of skills, jobs and careers involved in the emerging UK green economy. This programme is aimed predominantly at learners who are interested in pu ...
  • This programme overlaps considerably with our Understanding Sustainability programme as it thoroughly examines most elements of sustainability but goes beyond, to focus heavily on all aspects of carbo ...
  • This course is aimed at providing a comprehansive overview of lsustainability issues on a global scale. No prior knowledge is required and specialist concepts are kept to a minimum, while learners are ...
  • Welcome to our promo video. Here we briefly expand on our ethos of Supporting Sustainable Futures before highlighting some of our online courses' most exciting and innovative features.  
  • We are excited to announce the upcoming integration of AR-enabled 3D interactive explainers to a number of our most popular learning programmes!  
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