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  • 2024
  • Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero
  • Climate Tech
  • Nature-Based Solutions

Patch is the platform accelerating climate solutions with integrity. Patch builds technology to help organizations manage, sell, and buy carbon credits with efficiency, transparency, and rigor. Through Patch, companies gain access to the broadest network of high-integrity carbon credits. Carbon credit suppliers use Patch to get more precise and efficient, with a modern buyer experience. Today, 400 million tonnes of carbon are actively managed on Patch. To help rebalance the planet, visit 



  • Purpose-built software for carbon credit management CarbonOS solves the nuance and complexity of your credit sales and fulfillment operations, so you can focus on growth and climate impact.
  • Make a bigger climate impact Accelerate the climate solutions you believe in while ensuring consistent access and prices for credits.  
  • Buy carbon credits you can trust Build a portfolio of rigorously vetted credits to rebalance the planet.  
  • Manage carbon credit operations from end to end in one place, so you can sell and deliver with confidence
  • Easily roll out a tailored climate action program to organizations in your radius of influence.