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Life to Land

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • 2024

Chris D'Agorne is the founder of How to Rewild - the UK's top rewilding advice website; and Life to Land - a new service that helps landowners understand nature recovery.

Chris is the Rewilding Advisor board member of Wilderkind and has a BSc in Zoology and Psychology from the University of Bristol, two years of postgraduate research experience from Oxford Brookes and two years at Ecosulis - an ecological consultancy which specialises in rewilding interventions and advice.

With a 3.5 acre rewilding project in Somerset, Chris is enthusiastically testing out new techniques, from rewilding, permaculture and regenerative agriculture - dedicated to finding a holistic approach to land management which delivers both nature recovery and sustainable food production.



United Kingdom