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Last Energy

Last Energy is a full-service developer of micro modular nuclear power plants with the largest pipeline of nuclear projects in history. We are transforming the nuclear power industry by dramatically reducing the time and cost of construction. Our mission is to decarbonize global energy production and increase access to clean, affordable power.

Our PWR-20 is a 20 MWe micro modular nuclear power plant that provides affordable, clean baseload power at scale, employing a standardized, factory-made, modular building approach that leverages the existing supply chain and reactor technology.  

By innovating on the nuclear delivery model, not the reactor technology—taking responsibility for all aspects of project development and execution—we are able to rapidly deploy abundant, carbon-free energy, unlock private financing, and scale quickly and efficiently.

Last Energy accesses new market segments by delivering nuclear power in 20 MWe increments directly to energy users, not just the grid. We tailor our solutions to meet onsite industrial demand, pioneering a novel market segment within the nuclear industry.

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