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Immaterial Ltd. has developed a unique, patented technology to produce monolithic metal-organic frameworks (m-MOFs). Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of materials known for their exceptional surface area; m-MOFs are MOFs formed in their densest form, effectively doubling their volumetric capacity. Leveraging this breakthrough, Immaterial focuses on enabling carbon capture from point sources at an unprecedented cost.

Their platform technology enables them to produce any MOF as a monolith. By integrating m-MOFs with conventional swing adsorption engineering, Immaterial achieves notable reductions in capital and operational expenditures, yielding cost-effective capture systems. Compared to new solid systems, their technology boasts a minimum of a twofold increase in volumetric capture capacity. Compared to amine technology, Immaterial’s solution offers significant capex savings due to simplified flowsheets and enhanced energy efficiency. By turning emissions into profitable business streams, Immaterial directly addresses the economic challenge of decarbonisation.

Immaterial is actively collaborating with customers to deploy pilot capture systems. With advanced materials catering to various CO2 concentration levels, from natural gas power plants to heavy industrial sectors, the company is poised for further growth following its Series A in 2023, led by SLB and supported by strategic blue-chip investors and VCs.


25 Cambridge Science Park
United Kingdom