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CoolRun by Hubl is a revolutionary solution for delivery and logistics companies aiming to reduce costs and environmental impact. Traditional refrigerated trucks come with heavy chiller units, consuming fuel, and taking up valuable space. CoolRun eliminates these inefficiencies. 

It's a compact, emission-free insulated container designed to keep perishable goods fresh for over 30 hours without the need for in-truck chiller units. By adopting our system, companies can save up to £10k per truck annually on fuel costs and increase storage capacity by 20%.

CoolRun caters to food wholesalers, retailers, and logistics businesses, offering multi-temperature units for maximum storage flexibility. It's fully trackable, allowing for delivery optimization, and can be easily integrated into any van or truck, making cold-delivery accessible to all.

With CoolRun, companies can streamline operations, reduce cost and emissions contributing to a sustainable future for temperature-controlled transport.


United Kingdom