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Global Tech Connect

  • 2023
  • Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Venture Capital

Global Tech Connect (GTC) unites UK-based international startup programmes and bilateral organisations to better support tech companies from their national ecosystems – those looking to enter, learn from or scale in the UK. By sharing knowledge, experience and expertise we strengthen ties between countries, expand startup networks, increase opportunities for entrepreneurs, and foster international economic growth.

Our primary activity is sector specific bootcamps, with our current programme built around the Net Zero Energy theme.

Connect with us and open up opportunities across our partner nations


United Kingdom



  • An affordable digital engineering toolkit to democratise and accelerate the energy transition.
  • Developing green manufacturing processes to reduce chemical pollution and energy use.
  • Cloud-based platform for monitoring and managing renewable energy assets, storage and EV
  • Creating smart 3D current collectors to allow the next generation of batteries.
  • Data-driven carbon reduction plans and B2B marketplace of decarbonisation solutions
  • Autonomous platform enabling real time, dynamic, carbon emission and air quality measurements.
  • Al powered, energy storing robots, providing on -demand mobile recharging for EVs.
  • An economical, gigaton level solution, for GHG removal from the atmosphere.
  • Energy efficient delivery of clean indoor air.
  • Automated, real-time, trading and settlement of energy transactions.
  • A small, de-centralized, waste to energy solution, reducing GHG emissions and replacing landfill.
  • A comprehensive platform built for the energy industry to enable supply chain traceability
  • Manage and optimise anything connected to the grid, from communities to EV charging.
  • A groundbreaking power control system for synchronous electric motors.
  • BaTTeRi - a robotic EV charging solution at any spot in the parking lot with no infrastructure needed.
  • Meet the companies joining us on the Innovation Stage, 25 May, 1pm. You'll hear five minutes from each on the day, but can meet with them separately over the two days of the conference. Get in touch t ...