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Sustainable Fitch

Sustainable Fitch provides insights, tools and data that have been designed and built entirely and exclusively to help bring clarity to the ESG financial community. Our focus is, and will always be, on providing transparent, objective and substantive data that enables confidence in decision-making.

To best serve our clients and partners, Fitch realized that it would be necessary to build an entirely new product suite of objective ESG data and analysis, focusing on consistency, comparability, coverage and granularity. Leaning on our expertise in best-in-class analytics and research, and reputation for transparency and integrity, our team of leading ESG experts came together to bring the financial community a robust and comprehensive ESG data and analysis solution.


United Kingdom

  • A three-minute introduction to Sustainable Fitch’s ESG Ratings.
  • Evaluate the ESG impact and performance of labeled fixed income instruments and the issuing entity, with a comprehensive, transparent and cross-comparable qualitative and quantitative assessments from ...
  • ESG Ratings are among the first products to measure an entity or transaction’s impact and performance on environmental and social matters while assessing the effectiveness and quality of the governanc ...
  • Sustainable Fitch ESG Ratings are designed to help market players to discriminate the ESG quality of financial instruments and entities. They provide consistency, granularity and transparency via: • F ...