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Endava – Energy and Resources

Innovation is the catalyst for new solutions and efficiencies to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers, governments, and an increasingly smart society. With our 20+ years as a global provider of digital transformation, agile development, and intelligent automation, we’re your partner in meeting the opportunities and challenges and helping to deliver lasting benefits.

Being at the forefront of technology enables us to help our customers plan, implement and pivot, to meet new opportunities and challenges, such as understanding your digital carbon-footprint.

Do you know your digital carbon footprint?

Our daily interactions with digital devices, platforms, and services leaves behind an undeniable (carbon) mark.

We can help you determine the carbon-footprint of your organisation's digital services and products, which could include an ecommerce website or banking application. We use Software Carbon Intensity scoring to answer these questions for our customers.

The service enables software teams to make evidence-based decisions during system design, development, deployment, and operation that will enable a quantifiable reduction of carbon emissions.

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