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What is better than a net zero ship? A net positive ship!

DRIFT Energy is commercialising the world’s first energy harvesting ships.

Using a millennia old technology – Sailboats.  Our unique technology unlocks the untapped renewable energy residing in the 70% of the globe we call the Ocean.

We harvest energy over the horizon, then bring it back ashore “like a fishing boat for energy”.

Using a proprietary routing algorithm that hunts goldilocks conditions, achieving 70-80% load factors. A renewable class that doesn’t stand still and wait!

Generating where other renewables can’t reach. DRIFT works best in the hard to access, hard to abate sectors like maritime and island nations.  Our first MVY vessels will be megawatt scale, mobile, sustainable and importantly don’t require a grid.

COP 28 innovation winners, we are on a mission to create more power, more of the time, in more places, more quickly.

Talk to us about making Oceans of Energy.

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