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Brill Power

Established in 2016, Brill Power is a spin-out of the Engineering Department at the University of Oxford revolutionising energy storage through its pioneering battery intelligence platform that aims to make batteries perform better, last longer, and cost less financially and environmentally.

An end-to-end solution to battery management, the platform uses patented active loading technology, enabling benefits such as up to 60% longer battery lifetime, extracting up to 46% more energy from aged batteries, faster charging rates, and improved safety.

Brill Power’s first BMS+ for the stationary storage market launched in 2021 followed by its second product, the BESA BP6X1 BMS+ in 2023.

The technology can dramatically reduce the need for augmentation and oversizing of a stationary energy storage installation. Every 100kWh (50kW) stationary energy storage system that uses a BESA Battery Management System could reduce CO² emissions by up to 27.8 tonnes.

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United Kingdom