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AirEx Technologies pioneers climate technology innovation in retrofit solutions, aiming to combat fuel poverty and climate change. At the heart of their mission is the world's first smart air brick—a groundbreaking innovation designed to reduce home energy usage through simple yet effective building retrofits.

Equipped with built-in sensors to measure environmental conditions like temperature and relative humidity, AirEx bricks utilise intelligent software algorithms to autonomously regulate airflow. Each brick dynamically adjusts, closing to minimise heat loss and enhance thermal comfort, while opening to mitigate humidity, mold, and dampness issues.

Through robust trials, AirEx Floorvent has demonstrated remarkable efficacy, saving an average of 12% of whole-home heat loss. This achievement has earned the system recognition in SAP (EPC), underscoring its significance in energy performance certification frameworks.

AirEx offers a cost-effective solution that can boost a home's EPC score by 2-4 points, making it an obvious choice for improving energy efficiency. By offering simple yet powerful retrofit solutions, AirEx empowers homeowners and landlords alike to embrace sustainability and create healthier living environments for all.

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