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Orbify - Geospatial Data Platform

Orbify Stand: C54

Do you know what nature-based solutions, sustainable development, and investment & insurance have in common? They all require the ability to monitor natural assets & key environmental indicators to achieve their goals. This is where an “Earth Awareness” analysis comes into play, allowing organizations to track and understand the impact of their actions on the environment. However, obtaining this analysis can be challenging. Remote sensing data is often difficult to access and transform into insights, requiring extensive tech talent, tools, and budget. This is where Orbify comes in. Orbify is a data platform for natural assets monitoring. It provides users with access to ready-to-use analysis of remote sensing data generated within a few clicks by simply inputting geo-coordinates. With the latest AI & ML technology, Orbify provides reliable, independent, and cost-effective solutions to monitoring natural assets. Orbify empowers organizations to promote the sustainable use, effective conservation, and regeneration of natural assets.

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