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How will the Humber deliver on Net Zero?

Humber 2030 Vision Stand: C5

£15bn of private investment has been pledged across 18 nationally critical energy and decarbonisation project proposals. From carbon capture and storage to low carbon hydrogen, these projects are the solution to the challenge of decarbonising industry and delivering clean energy for the future. In addition to this is the construction of a pipeline network, to remove CO2 from carbon intensive industries into storage and deliver hydrogen to enable fuel switching at scale to industry. These projects must be delivered for the UK to reach net zero by 2050, and will make the Humber the world’s leading net zero industrial cluster. The Humber has delivered for the UK before, leading the clean energy transition through its thriving offshore wind sector. And now, these projects will deliver jobs, economic growth, and decarbonisation. This is our shared vision for the Humber and we stand ready to deliver for the UK. Learn more and download our report at #Humber2030Vision

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