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5 Ways Renewable Energy Training Will Benefit Your Organisation

Renewable Energy Institute
5 Ways Renewable Energy Training Will Benefit Your Organisation
Corporate Training in Renewable Energy
Below are 5 ways that renewable energy training will help your organisation reach its goals – both when it comes to maximising efficiency and productivity, and securing involvement in innovative projects and exciting new markets.

Staff upskilling & training is an integral part of any organisation’s plan for the future – both for the development of their staff, and their plans to improve and expand their operations. In the constantly evolving and expanding sector of renewable and green energy; expert-led training is even more invaluable to ensure that organisations are able to access new opportunities, attract & develop talented personnel and position themselves at the forefront of the industry.

Below are 5 ways that renewable energy training will help your organisation reach its goals – both when it comes to maximising efficiency and productivity, and securing involvement in innovative projects and exciting new markets.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Companies that provide their staff with quality, expert-led training have access to more tools to ensure that they are able to provide the best product or service possible. The renewable energy sector is constantly changing and updating – for example, not only has the cost of solar photovoltaic systems declined by 85% in the past decade; but this decrease in cost has led to the rise of green hydrogen [1]. New green hydrogen projects are already underway, with EDF announcing a 500MW hydrogen project in the UK this year [2]. Organisations with training in emerging and adapting green energy technologies will have the tools to access these new projects, and ensure they can stay ahead of the competition.

Access New Markets

Renewable energy is growing and expanding across the globe. China is the global leader in the volume of new capacity additions, India has recently doubled its new installations and global renewable electricity capacity is forecast to rise more than 60% from 2020 levels to over 4,800 GW by 2026 [3]. In the Middle East, renewables-based electricity generation from renewables doubled between 2010 and 2020, and is forecast to double again by 2024 [4]. Renewable energy is rapidly expanding around the world, and there is demand for all of the support, expansion and upskilling for each of these areas. Organisations with training in region-specific renewable energy technology, trends and development prepare themselves to succeed in new markets.

Improve Staff Retention

38% of workers are likely to look for a new job this year, amid a trend of workers moving to new jobs at a higher rate than previous years [5]. Providing training to employees communicates that an organisation is making an investment in their staff, ensuring that they grow their own skills independent of their day-to-day work. LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report notes that 94% of employees would
stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development [6] – an investment that will not only improve the work of staff, but ensure that top talent does not look for work elsewhere.

Attract New Talent

Amid a competitive hiring environment, organisations are seeking ways to stand out from their competitors and ensure that they attract the top tier of applicants. This is especially true for younger applicants – 59% of millennials believe that training & development are extremely important when deciding whether to apply for a position [7]. In a sector with accelerating growth and new opportunities, applicants are looking for organisations that not only prioritise the development of renewable energy, but the skills of their staff.

Become Eligible for Government Incentives & Projects

Governments and public sector bodies around the world are investing in renewable energy. The UK government opened the fourth round of Contracts for Difference (CfD) funding last year, with £285 million a year funding for low-carbon technology made available [8]. In the US, the USDA is investing $464 million in renewable energy infrastructure, particularly in rural communities [9]. The UAE Energy Strategy 2050 notes that the country aims to invest AED 600 billion in renewable and green technology; both to meet energy demand and promote economic growth. With funding available for renewable projects worldwide, organisations with specific training in the sector ensure that they have access to and the best position to work in these projects.

The future of the renewable energy sector is bright, and organisations in the industry have many opportunities available to them. With competition for talent, funding and projects high; expert-led renewable energy training gives organisations the best chance to succeed and position themselves at the forefront of renewable energy.


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