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AI Smart Isolator

Verv Stand: H69
  • AI Smart Isolator
  • AI Smart Isolator
AI Smart Isolator AI Smart Isolator

Verv has developed a cutting edge, patented Smart Isolator (every Euopean and USA Air conditioning unit already legally requires one for electrical safety reasons)  that provides incredibly granular (Formulae One level resolution) real-time power and energy information to grid level accuracy as well as product utilisation and management data directly our extremely smart back end system that then uses some powerful Machine Learning tools to analyse this data and report back to our customers where their inefficiency in their units lay, offering them the ability to auto control and manage their energy consumption and wastage more effectively and accelerating them towards their Net Zero targets.

The Smart Isolator monitors energy utilisation and constantly watches out for equipment anomalies by analysing the harmonic waveforms generated by the equipment it is attached to. It is a direct replacement for a conventional rotary isolator of the same rating. 

Verv has already proven a 32% energy saving to Mitsubishi Electric at their UK headquarters and that amount would lead to a 12% carbon reduction per average building across London alone. Verv is also working on reducing the chemical wastage associated with leaked coolant which has a large f-GAS problem globally which would lead to a 57.15 gigatons reduction of carbon.

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