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14 Dec 2023

Flexi-hibrid™ Technologies

In2tec Stand: H19
  • Flexi-hibrid™ Technologies
  • Flexi-hibrid™ Technologies
  • Flexi-hibrid™ Technologies
Flexi-hibrid™ Technologies Flexi-hibrid™ Technologies Flexi-hibrid™ Technologies

 Flexi-hibrid™ Technologies

Significant investment in R&D for over 25 years means we provide our customers integration opportunities due to our unrivalled component placement capabilities.

Dynamic Circuits

Electronics designers are continually challenged to produce smaller, more ergonomically designed products.

Our Flexi-hibrid™ technology overcomes these challenges, offering key design and performance benefits over rigid printed circuit boards.

At the cutting edge of innovation in this area, we offer unrivalled opportunities for electronic circuits with dynamic qualities, giving you a myriad of advantages around sustainability, ergonomics, interconnection, integration and weight saving.

Our wealth of experience in conductive adhesive technologies and fine pitch component placement means we deliver an extremely cost-effective alternative to hard substrate printed circuit boards, with significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Rigidised Flexi-hibrid™

Flexible electronics doesn’t just define the ability of the Printed Electronic Circuit to deliver dynamic movement, or in fact, conclude in a project that is continually able to ‘flex’.

Providing substrates and electronics that can be designed in such a way as to deliver a shape or form, but with a mechanically rigid superstructure or moulded support, breaks down the design and application barriers to minimise restrictions in packaging and aesthetics.

In2tec provides the technology to laminate or thermally form and bond Flexi-Hibrid™ circuit board electronic assemblies to substrates, creating rigidity, and semi-rigidity to meet the customer function, form, and sustainability needs.

Conductive Contouring

Circuit traces and tracks are normally deposited and/or laminated metal structures forming part or full printed circuit boards. The restriction is the inability to be shaped without creating significant mechanical stresses and fracturing the circuit trace.

Utilising thermally receptive substrate materials in combination with specialised conductive bonding and adhesion techniques, In2tec creates 3-dimensional circuit assemblies.

Complex and compound curves can be incorporated into the electronics assembly, delivering world-leading integration opportunities into your HMI. We call this innovation Conductive Contouring.

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