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11 May 2023

Delta Zero Cement

Carbon Re Stand: B58

Delta Zero Cement brings the most advanced AI to optimize the pre-heater and kiln process stages of cement, enabling significant efficiencies, cost savings and emissions reductions.

Delta Zero Cement is powered by deep learning, a powerful branch of AI that can efficiently interact with complex systems, apply sophisticated strategies to solve intricate problems for process optimization.

The system architecture of Delta Zero is built using the most advanced technology allowing us to rapidly develop, deploy and scale our models on a fully-cloud hosted platform. The compute power behind Delta Zero is sufficient to meet the needs of every kiln-line and cement plant globally.

Our models are not simple relationships between specific variables, they are complete models of all variables for each process stage. Our models are developed with and assessed by our cement process engineers to ensure each model matches real world plant operations.

Delta Zero Cement simulates the chemical and physical processes in a plant, enabling our AI agents to find solutions tailored to each plant. Each AI model is a bespoke digital twin of the cement plant.

Our software takes into account quality metrics, such as clinker free lime, and defined operating limits – precalciner temperature lower & higher bounds to provide clear quantified recommendations to reduce the mass of CO2 emitted per useful heating value (kgCO2/UHV). This enables lower fuel costs and lower emissions.

Delta Zero Cement provides dynamic and live optimization on live data and our models are continually retrained to match actual plant performance. We build confidence in each model by reviewing sensitivity curves to key variables and feature importance for each model.


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