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01 Mar 2023

Wiliot Wins GLOMO Award for ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action’ at MWC Barcelona 2023

Wiliot Wins GLOMO Award for ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action’ at MWC Barcelona 2023
Wiliot Wins GLOMO Award for ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action’ at MWC Barcelona 2023
Wiliot Wins GLOMO Award for ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action’ at MWC Barcelona 2023

BARCELONA, Spain, March 1, 2023 – Wiliot, the Internet of Things pioneer whose IoT platform is enabling trillions of “things” to gain intelligence, today announced that its ambient IoT Platform has been recognized as a 2023 GLOMO Award Winner in the “Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action” category.

Winners representing the year’s most innovative climate action technologies were announced at the GLOMO Award Ceremony on Tuesday, February 28th. In addition to Wiliot, other category finalists include Samsung, Huawei, China Telecom & ZTE, and Fairphone. Wiliot is showcasing its platform throughout MWC at Stand 8.1B63.1.

The award win comes after twelve months that have seen dramatic revenue growth driven by platform adoption from some of the world’s largest companies, who are turning to new ambient IoT technologies to revolutionize their supply chains.  

“The ambient IoT, which is about to have a seismic impact across industries, has now arrived,” stated Wiliot Chief Marketing Officer Steve Statler. “Leading brands are preparing to deploy billions of ambient IoT Pixels across their supply chains; the 3GPP has accepted ambient IoT use cases into its Release 19 for 5G Advanced; and now the GLOMO Awards – the mobile industry’s most prestigious – have recognized this technology for its impact on Climate Action. We’re proud to accept this award on behalf of the ambient IoT ecosystem, which includes many of the world’s largest tech companies working together to create a minimum waste, full trust, perfectly timed world.”

Wiliot, in partnership with the world’s largest technology companies and brands, is creating an ambient IoT that brings intelligence and internet connectivity to every single ‘thing’ in the global supply chain, enabling products to transmit item-level information about their location, temperature, carbon footprint, and more. With this information, businesses are – for the first time – equipped with the real-time data they need to make more sustainably-minded decisions that reduce their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the real-time delivery of carbon data offers a scalable, affordable, and effective alternative to today’s long-lead annual reporting cadence, which is proving insufficient for businesses looking to make a material impact on their carbon footprint.

Wiliot’s contribution to the ambient IoT is its IoT Platform. The platform is driven by the company’s breakthrough IoT Pixels, stamp-sized computers that cost pennies and feature a fundamental breakthrough in ambient computing technology – or computing that’s self-powered, harvesting radio waves that are all around us.

These battery-free IoT Pixels can attach to, or be manufactured into, any product or packaging to connect it to the internet; not just expensive things like cars, appliances, and shipping containers, but the things inside them: fruits, veggies, vaccine vials, clothes, crates, and just about everything else.

Wiliot is currently working with many of the world’s largest companies across apparel, CPG, and pharmaceuticals on a variety of ambient IoT projects.

“The ambient IoT is illuminating what was once in the dark, providing companies with real-time visibility into their supply chains – the status of every product at every moment – and the implications for profits and the planet are profound,” continued Statler. “Produce stays fresher longer, reducing the amount wasted due to rot and spoil; delivery routes are more efficient, requiring less fuel and emitting lower greenhouse gas; stock-checks transition from daily to real-time, resulting in supply chains with lower carbon footprints; and so much more.”

The Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards are the industry’s most prestigious accolade, judged by the sector’s most prominent subject matter experts. The Climate Action Award is for mobile industry organizations that are focused on significant and innovative environmentally friendly policies, services, products, solutions and programs or initiatives that tangibly reduce or offset carbon dioxide (or greenhouse gas) emissions.

Wiliot is showcasing its award-winning IoT Platform on the show floor in the 4YFN Future Tech Pavilion (Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1B63.1). Attendees have a chance to see the future of supply chain operations and more, enabled by the ambient IoT.

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About Wiliot:

Wiliot is a SaaS company whose platform connects the digital and physical worlds using its IoT Pixel tagging technology, computers the size of a postage stamp that power themselves in revolutionary ways.

Our mission is to make every single thing an agent of change, enabling ambient IoT by adding intelligence and automation to reusable packaging, pharmaceuticals, food, and other products.

Connecting trillions of things to the internet is transforming manufacturing, distribution, and product use to deliver on our vision: a minimum waste, full trust, perfectly timed world where people, profits, and the planet remain aligned.

Visit to learn more.


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