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04 Mar 2024

Six Inches of Soil Screening for Green Carpet Launch Event at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse SOLD OUT

Six Inches of Soil
Six Inches of Soil Screening for Green Carpet Launch Event at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse SOLD OUT

Cambridge, UK – 4th March 2024 – The team behind Six Inches of Soil is proud to announce that the film, which is being shown as part of Picturehouse Green Screen, has sold out tickets at Cambridge Arts, the venue for its green carpet gala event on 19th March 2024. Six Inches of Soil is touring thirteen cinema venues with a live panel conversation following the film. It will then visit Picturehouse Cinemas in Crouch End (London), Norwich, Brighton, Bath, Henley (sold out), Exeter, Liverpool, Chester, Oxford (sold out), Edinburgh, York & Ealing (London). 

For the Cambridge screening, Six Inches of Soil is partnering with Cambridge Sustainable Food (CSF). The screening will include a panel discussion chaired by Claire Mackenzie, producer of Six Inches of Soil. The panel will also feature the film’s director Colin Ramsay, editor Daria Hupov and one of its three stars Adrienne Gordon, who runs Sweetpea Market Garden at family run regenerative farm, Manor Farm in Caxton, and Tom Pearson (who also stars in the film), regenerative farmer and owner of Manor Farm.

Green Screen provides a safe space to discuss the issues raised by environmental films, and to meet other interested community members. Flick Beckett, Head of Picturehouse Green Steering Group says, “It's films like this that make me incredibly proud to programme our Green Screen strand - audiences will feel empowered by the science, inspired by the stories and connected by the humanity.”

Claire Mackenzie, Six Inches of Soil Producer adds, “We’re so excited to launch the Picturehouse Green Tour in Cambridge, which is where myself, Colin and several other members of the team live. To have a run of cinema screenings is incredible, we’re very grateful to Flick and the Picturehouse team for this opportunity, which sits so nicely with our community screening programme, now in full flow in villages, towns and cities across the UK. We’ve been blown away by the feedback from audiences and the demand to screen and see the film. The team has passionately created Six Inches of Soil with a very supportive community and this is growing fast. The time is right for a film that contains realistic solutions, doesn't overpromise, tells a human story and connects the audience with soil, farming and nature.”

Colin Ramsay, Six Inches of Soil Director concludes, “With the film, we’re creating a personal window into the world of three farmers, including Adrienne, in different counties across England who are farming regeneratively in arable, livestock and horticulture systems. We’ve chosen new entrants into agriculture to help inspire the next generation and show viewers the highs and lows of farm life. With environmental documentaries it’s sometimes unclear (or very binary) about what actions people can take. Hopefully, once they’ve seen the film, they will take away a sense of future possibilities and that change is possible.”

About Six Inches of Soil:
Six Inches of Soil is the first full-length campaigning documentary feature film that tells the untold story of the UK's regenerative and agroecology movement and its benefits to soil. With the first global screening at COP28 and UK screening at ORFC 2024, the film aims to inspire UK farmers to adopt regenerative agroecological farming practices and encourage consumers and policymakers to support their efforts. With a compelling narrative, engaging animations and interviews with leading figures, it tells the story of our soils and our food and farming system through the eyes of three new-entrant farmers and examines how we can replace this with a resilient and localised agroecosystem. 

Six Inches of Soil has been produced with an independent team including, Director Colin Ramsay, Founder and Director of DragonLight Films and Freelance Producer Claire Mackenzie. See the full team here. During the post-production process, Claire and Colin set up Springtail Productions to  further develop the impact of the film. The aim is to inspire farmers with the confidence to shift to a more regenerative mindset and approach; to give consumers the impetus and information to rethink their food choices; and ultimately create a groundswell of public opinion leading to policy change, support and funding for a British regenerative farming and agroecological revolution.

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