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19 May 2023

Ozo Innovations takes smart and sustainable hygiene solutions to the Innovation Zero Congress

Ozo Innovations
Ozo Innovations takes smart and sustainable hygiene solutions to the Innovation Zero congress



Innovation Zero will be staged on 24th and 25th May at Olympia London. Featuring a best-in-class speaker programme, it is designed to put policymakers next to innovators.


Ozo Innovations CEO Mark Poole will talk about “Driving productivity and carbon net zero with safe, smart and sustainable cleaning and hygiene processes,” at 13:00 on 24th May in the Innovation Showcase session.


“Swift action is required to cut emissions and reduce the disastrous effects of climate change. Ozo Innovations has a solution that can help businesses – especially those in the food sector – to improve sustainability and reduce their emissions, by disrupting the existing cleaning and hygiene processes,” says Mark Poole.


Innovation is the best weapon in the fight against climate change

Innovation is the best weapon in the fight against climate change and Innovation Zero intends to shine the light on new solutions from the energy, transport, industrials, finance and the built environment sectors, and its mission is to connect leaders from many sectors, to accelerate the low carbon transformation.


“We relish the opportunity to show the business leaders and decision makers at Innovation Zero, just how much of a difference Ozo Innovations and our products can make,” says Mark Poole. “We are helping to shape a more sustainable future through smarter, safer hygiene solutions for food manufacturing and other sectors.”





Helping customers achieve their sustainability goals

Ozo Innovations is a cleantech start-up which helps customers to achieve their sustainability goals, by delivering environmental and productivity benefits that enable carbon net zero through innovative electrochemical solutions.


The company’s novel electrochemical solutions transform salt and cold water into a powerful cleaning and disinfection solution that drives productivity in food production and processing, without compromising on food hygiene.


Reducing water, energy and chemical consumption

Ozo Innovations utilises innovative flow cell technology to generate eloclear™ – a robust, combined cleaner and disinfectant, which disrupts traditional hygiene processes.


Deploying Ozo Innovations’ product, eloclear™, improves customer margins by increasing productivity and labour utilisation, by up to 60%, and reducing water, energy and chemical consumption, by up to 50%.


“Our scalable systems produce eloclear™ in-situ at the customer site, from just salt and cold water – able to produce from 200 – 150,000 litres per day,” says Mark Poole. “In-situ production disrupts and decarbonises the supply chain, providing resilience, while unlocking sustainability.”


Deploying Ozo Innovations’ eloclear™ leads to a reduction in water, energy and chemical consumption and the associated GHG emissions, particularly scope 3 emissions associated with the chemical supply chain.


“We look forward to demonstrating and explaining the wide range of measurable benefits and savings through the use of eloclear™ at Innovation Zero,” concludes Mark Poole.


Free tickets

Innovation Zero is a free-to-attend event – visit this link to obtain a free ticket:

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