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02 Mar 2023

Independent, Academic LCA Highlights 80% Carbon Savings Versus Incineration for Mura’s Process

Mura Technology Stand: H87
The peer-reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)1 published by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick reports that significantly reduced carbon emissions (measured as Global Warming Potential (GWP(2) CO2eq)) can be achieved if waste plastic is diverted towards HydroPRS™ and away from waste incineration – the comparable end of life treatment and currently the fate of many ‘unrecyclable’ plastics.

Advanced (or chemical) recycling technologies include a range of processes that break plastics down, converting them into hydrocarbon products that can replace the virgin fossil feedstocks used by the chemicals industry to create new plastics and other industrial products such as asphalt.

Pioneered by Mura Technology, HydroPRS™, unlike pyrolysis, utilises supercritical water to convert post-consumer flexible, multi layered and rigid plastics into high yields of stable, premium petrochemical feedstocks. Importantly, the products produced in the HydroPRS™ process were found in the LCA to have equivalent to lower GWP when compared with naphtha, the fossil oil-based feedstock used in the production of plastics.

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