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16 Apr 2024

Cityshuttle launches the ePack4, the last-mile delivery innovator

Cityshuttle Stand: J30
Cityshuttle launches the ePack4, the last-mile delivery innovator

ePack is the only cargo bike which offers digital out-of-home advertising whilst out on daily operations. ePack4 is built to efficiently navigate urban landscapes and enable customers to make more deliveries in a shorter amount of time via their ability to access cycle lanes and safely navigate pedestrianised spaces.

Fitted with GPS tracking, remote fleet management and live CCTV, offering data to fleet managers through its private portal login.

ePack4 runs a clever fly by wire drivetrain eliminating common failure with chains, sprockets and gears - less maintenance. ePack4 uses the largest hydraulic disc brakes in the industry, this cargo bike is a true reliable workhorse.

Our unique trailer options means that operators can have a flexible solution for their business, e.g box trailer, refrigerated, flat bed, tipper or 2m3 option. Trailer swap can be achieved in under 2 minutes.
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