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Avioxx officially launch their first come first served SAF offtake programme

Avioxx Stand: G31
Avioxx officially launch their first come first served SAF offtake programme
Following the successful completion of a major pre-series A investment round, new sustainable aviation fuel developer Avioxx officially launches its exclusive offtake agreement scheme to provide airlines with access to its initial production pipeline. Avioxx are inviting airlines to pre-purchase their sustainable aviation fuel which will be made predominantly from municipal solid waste.

Carbon dioxide output is dramatically reduced by using waste hydrocarbons, destined for incineration or landfill, as a feedstock in the manufacturing process of the fuel. Furthermore, their use of state-of-the-art Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) to generate electricity introduces dramatic energy and cost efficiencies to their fuel production process. In fact, Avioxx are offering clients price parity with fossil based Jet A1, and they claim that for every tonne of their premium fuel that is consumed, nine tonnes of carbon dioxide are indirectly removed from the atmosphere, thus allowing airlines to achieve net zero targets much more rapidly.

The fuel will be produced to ASTM Jet A1 standard with regulatory support from the newly established UK SAF Clearing House, Avioxx also has plans to work with the SAF Innovation Centre based at The University of Sheffield in the UK along with other strategic academic partners. A comprehensive lifetime carbon assessment for their fuel, along with relevant sustainability certification regimes will be in place prior to production and distribution.

The firm's first plant, to produce 5,000 tonnes per annum, is planned to be built in the Northwest of England. The Northwest gives unparalleled access to a wealth of expertise and infrastructure allowing for the distribution of the SAF, including access to ports for international shipping, the Exelium pipeline infrastructure, Stanlow refinery and blending facilities. This plant could be operational as early as 2026, to be followed by the design and build of a fully commercial 32,000 tonne-per-year plant.

Chris Hancock, Co-Founder and CEO of Avioxx says:

“We’ve already engaged several major airlines, signed our initial offtake agreements, and started planning the international fuel fulfilment approaches with a focus on the UK major airlines initially. Offering the fuel at price parity to Jet A1 is achievable because of our patented technology. This hopefully makes it easier for airlines to start fulfilling their SAF requirements and decarbonising the aviation industry sooner rather than later. SAF orders are being accepted on a first come first served basis, and we’re excited about close collaboration with the industry.”

Support from our partner Trailfinders is essential to help us navigate the travel industry, and Trailfinders can also help us access every major airline across the globe with confidence.

There are 57 incineration plants in the UK, which process 14.8Mt of waste every year, and more than 500 landfill sites where 14Mt of waste are buried annually. Flights serving the 40 airports release 26.0Mt of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, equating to 7% of the UKs CO2 emissions.

If all this waste is turned into fuel, 4.8Mt of pre-blended Sustainable Jet A1 could be made per year, or about 50% of the UK aviation fuel demand. Avioxx believes all this can be achieved quickly with their highly agile and innovative approach and support from partners. If you are an airline or aircraft operator, then please get in touch to arrange an introductory meeting and learn more about Avioxx and their technology.

For further information, please contact:

Chris Hancock
Chief Executive Officer

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