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Enchar's services to biochar users and producers


Enchar is a biochar market-maker, connecting biochar producers with buyers and providing a platform for efficient biochar procurement.

For biochar buyers:

Biochar buyers benefit from Enchar’s network to find the most suitable biochar for their needs and goals, considering factors such as performance, price and carbon sequestration potential. The team at Enchar assesses all biochars in their database and leverage their extensive expertise in biochar characterisation to guide biochar users from a wide range of industries. Thanks to their vast supply network, Enchar can aggregate different biochar sources to provide the required products in the right quantities.


For biochar sellers:

Biochar sellers benefit from Enchar's risk-free and efficient platform for biochar offtake. Enchar helps producers to find demand for their biochar and provides valuable insights on offtake potential. Prospective producers can also reach out to Enchar to find offtake solutions for their planned production. To register with Enchar, a lab report is required, and a sample can further assist Enchar in assessing the biochar beyond the standard lab analysis.

Enchar helps streamline the biochar market by providing a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers. The assessment of each biochar in their suppy network ensures that buyers get products that meet their needs, while sellers can efficiently find buyers for their biochar. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from a more efficient and effective biochar market.

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