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Briefing Reports

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23 Nov 2023

Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture

As the Innovation Zero team continues to conduct research into our newly-introduced forums, reading online and speaking with our esteemed Advisory Board, we are pleased to bring to you our latest Industry Briefing Report. This seeks to provide background and context into the content we will deliver in our programme, with sneak peeks into the stimulating panel discussions and presentations featured onsite.

There was no question that Food & Agriculture needed to be featured at this year’s event. According to the UN, food system emissions were estimated at 18 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2015, or 34% of total global emissions. And following the response we’ve received from our Oceans and Water Report and its associated forum, it’s time we turned our attention to land…

What comprises food GHG emissions?
• Production processes, including inputs such as fertilisers
• Land use
• Distribution
• Methane from livestock raising and rice cultivation
• Refrigeration
• Packaging

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