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Simon Morrish

Simon Morrish

Founder & CEO, XLinks
Simon is passionate about the environment. For the past 17 years his main focus has been building up Ground Control Ltd to be a highly respected, multi-award winning environmental services business looking after over 60,000 sites in the UK and for which he received the UK's EY Entrepreneur of the Year award for Transformational leadership in 2018. He has also focused significant energy on other environmental initiatives. He has built over 100 wind turbines through Solar Ventus that he founded in 2010 which currently supplies renewable electricity to over 2,600 households in the UK. He is the founder of Future Motors which aims to supply 20%+ more efficient electric motors to businesses in the UK and he has founded XLinks in 2019 to power 3.6GW of electricity to the UK from an HVDC sub-sea cable link from solar panels in the Moroccan desert ' approx. 8% of UK electricity needs. Simon also founded Skyports and Levitate Capital to accelerate the world's trajectory to sustainable aerial mobility. Simon is an ex-McKinsey consultant and Morgan Stanley Derivatives analyst. He holds a Master's degree with Distinction in Economics, Engineering and Management from Oxford University and an MBA degree with Honours from Harvard Business School.