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Louis VI

Louis VI

Musician & Artist

Louis J. Butler, aka Louis VI, is a Mixed race Rapper, Musician, Film Composer, Documentary Maker,
Zoologist and Nature activist. He gave a keynote speech at COP26 about the colonial legacy of Climate Change and the alienation of people of colour in the UK from access to nature, which came from his award- winning documentary with POCC and Tanya Ramsurrun called “The World Is (Y)ours” aimed at getting young black and brown people to vote based on climate issues in the last election.
Louis was recently invited to deliver a keynote speech rallying cry at Beyond the Music festival in Manchester highlighting why the music industry needs to lead, and empower its musicians to speak out on climate change and biodiversity loss. Louis VI was also guest of honour and speaker at BBC’s annual Climate Creatives event where he spoke and presented his new upcoming film “NATURE AIN’T A LUXURY” at the BBC Broadcasting house to BBC guests and Commissioners on the subject of intersectionality and climate change. Louis was recently enlisted as a member of Earth Percent, a charity founded by Brian Eno aimed to tackle sustainability and the climate crisis within the music industry.

However most recently it is the message in his music that has been getting attention - using
music as a new more relatable, contemporary and culturally connected way of talking about
climate change; especially of the diaspora. Louis VI’s new album EARTHLING, earned
massive press and radio support with a 5* review in The Guardian and Observer and 6
Music, Lauren Laverne, Mary-Anne Hobbs and Gilles Peterson all throwing their weight
behind it. The album centres the climate justice movement amid more personal musings in
Louis VI’s woozy, psychedelia-tinged soundscapes - weaving together a love for melody and
a multitude of genres (hip-hop, sweet licks of Afrobeat, jazz, funk, electronic), all produced
by Louis himself, it’s cut through with atmospheric field recordings that pull from his time
spent in the natural world: storm sounds from the Amazon rainforest sit alongside lush
birdsong from woodland in the UK. As both a musician and a nature geek, the mixed-race
(Dominica, France and UK) artist's "EARTHLING" is full of timely lyrics ruminating gently on
questions about individualism, climate justice, race, love, colonialism, capitalism and the
state of the nation. As the artist says himself:
"Music connects where words fail, we've had the data and the science for years but
that has failed to compel people, normal people like me and you to take action. This
album is more than music, it's hopefully a tool to reconnect us, especially as
diaspora back to the planet, because this album is a travel blog of love through the
worlds ecosystems told from a black and brown perspective, with a psychedelic,
London ends born and raised lens. This is more than music, this is about creating a
collective resonance, where people can feel safe to put aside their differences and
vibrate on a level to reconnect to our natural selves and our role as Earthlings as a
planet - and allow safe space to imagine a better future.
I'm trying to inspire the young black and brown people from the diaspora who have
been historically alienated from exposure to the natural world, through uncovering
the science & wonder the wildness of this planet & helping them fall in love with
nature as much as me, whilst bringing in the story of the historical colonial legacy of
climate change and why we need to be the bridge as diaspora between where we
live in the global north (that's historically responsible) to where we're from in the
global south (that's on the front lines of climate change). I've been combining music,
film and art to create a new tool, a new more authentic way of speaking about
climate change that speaks to "us" in the aim to create a world where nature is not a
luxury but a necessity."