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Kirsty Gogan

Kirsty Gogan

Managing Partner / Founding Director and Co-CEO, Lucid Catalyst / Terrapraxis

Kirsty Gogan is the co-founder and Managing Director of consulting firm, LucidCatalyst, and climate-focused non-profit, Terra Praxis. Both organizations focus on enabling high-impact rapid transitions for neglected parts of the decarbonization challenge. The Terra Praxis team works with an extensive global network to define, incubate, and initiate scalable strategies that fulfill the twin missions of prosperity and decarbonization. Through a combination of rigorous, credible analysis, relationships of trust, and values alignment with key influencers, TerraPraxis maps transformative solutions into the uncharted territory of decarbonization that are otherwise absent from the discourse. Kirsty is a member of the UK Government’s Nuclear Innovation Research and Advisory Board (NIRAB) and is the UK representative on the IAEA Director General’s Special Advisory Group on Nuclear Applications. She serves on the Board of Nuclear Innovation Alliance, as well as Voices for Nuclear.

TerraPraxis is leading an international team developing a solution to repower coal fleets worldwide by 2050. Among her most recent publications, Kirsty has co-authored a chapter for the Nuclear Innovation Clean Energy (NICE) Future initiative Nuclear-Hydrogen Digest and her work has been cited and recognised in flagship reports such as the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) report Nuclear Power and Secure Energy Transitions and the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Nuclear Law report.

Kirsty co-authored several LucidCatalyst publications including: Beautiful Nuclear, Missing Link to a Livable Climate: how hydrogen enabled synthetic fuels can help deliver the Paris Goals.

Kirsty also co-authored LucidCatalyst’s other widely cited commissioned reports, including Energy Technologies Institute Nuclear Cost Drivers Study and by ARPA-E to conduct a study on Cost and Performance Requirements for Flexible Advanced Nuclear Plants in Future U.S. Power Markets.

Kirsty is an internationally recognized leader in the design and deployment of scalable strategies to address global climate and energy needs.