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Ed Gemmell

Ed Gemmell

Leader, Climate Party

Ed is the Leader of the Climate Party which is completely changing the landscape of British politics as a centre right pro-business pro-climate party. Ed advocates for British leadership of the new clean industrial revolution is essential for economic revival and increased prosperity for British people. This leadership requires a visionary mission, with clarity of purpose and a clear target, well in advance of other developed economies, of net zero by 2030, which is also in line with the science.

Ed features regularly on national television news shows and panel discussions, national and local press, national and local radio, podcasts and specialist media. He is a very regular presenter and public speaker.

Recent Interviews
With Nigel Farage -
With Julia Hartley Brewer -

Ed is also managing director of Scientists Warning Europe, led the SWE delegation at COP26 and produced the SWE Scientists into Action film -

He is a Buckinghamshire Unitary Councillor, a member of the Pension Fund Committee and also of the Transport, Environment, and Climate Change Committee. For the Local Government Association Ed serves on the Local Infrastructure and Net Zero Committee. He is also a Parish Councillor in Hazlemere, Chair of the Climate Emergency Working Party and founder of Bee Squared.

Author of the book ‘How to Become a Councillor?’