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SHOWCASE - UK Innovators That Move the Needle

24 May 2023

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This session gives a unique opportunity for UK start-ups/unicorns/SMEs with genuinely ground-breaking technology to pitch their innovations and inspire the audience as to how they can play a part in accelerating the 'zero' transition. Technologies across nuclear, battery storage, hydrogen, carbon capture, network balancing, fuel cells, electrification, circular economy (e.g., waste to fuel) are expected.

Nicholas Hawker, CEO - First Light Fusion
Amy Ruddock, VP for Europe and the Middle East - Carbon Engineering
Gavin Starks, CEO - IcebreakerOne
Christopher Payne-Dwyer, Quantum Technology Hub Business Development Manager - QuantIC - Quantum Enhanced Imaging
James Stephenson, CEO - Promethean Particles
Tom Palmer, Head of Business Development - Zenobe

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Zenobe  Promethean Particles
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