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SHOWCASE - Innovation in Smart Buildings, HVAC, and Energy Efficiency

24 May 2023
Built Environment

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Learn from 2-3 examples of innovation in the deployment of solutions designed to tackle the challenge of decarbonising HVAC systems. “Harnessing geoenergy for heating & cooling buildings sustainably”. As Great Britain has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, finding effective ways to decarbonize building heating and cooling is crucial. Today, the sector contributes more than 20% of Britain’s GHG emissions and is heavily dependent on gas. Fortunately, geoenergy, which uses the shallow subsurface to store surplus heat, presents an immediately available solution that can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and CO2 emissions by 70%. With geoenergy available throughout the country, Celsius Energy has developed a mature solution requiring only a small surface area, thus leveraging their technological and digital expertise from the oil and gas industry to accelerate the deployment of ground source heat pumps.

Andrew Fitzpatrick, Director, Business Development, UK - BrainBox AI
Dr Alex Bak, Co-Founder - LightFi
Cindy Demichel, CEO & Co-Founder - Celsius Energy
David Broom, Managing Director - The Kensa Group
Natalia Kuniewicz, Sales Representative - Satellite Vu

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Celsius Energy
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