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Ozo Innovations: Driving Productivity and Carbon Net Zero With Safe, Smart and Sustainable Cleaning and Hygiene Processes

24 May 2023
Innovation Showcase
Innovation Showcase

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eloclearTM a combined cleaning and disinfection solution, manufactured by in-situ electrolysis of a water and salt solution, has the potential to offer food processors and manufacturers significant sustainability benefits.  The process reduces the consumption of water, energy and chemicals while increasing productivity and labour utilisation without compromising food safety.  Using Ozo Innovations in-situ electrochemical generator, elosystemTM, eloclearTM is produced on-site, close to point of use thereby eliminating the need for transportation, use and storage of traditional chemicals, reducing the use of plastic packaging, improving operator safety and waste effluent discharge profiles.  In-situ electrochemical production provides a sustainable, cost effective and efficient method of delivering effective hygiene in food processing facilities supporting the transition to net zero.

Dr Mark Poole, CEO - Ozo Innovations
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