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First Movers Coalition: Matching Supply and Demand for Accelerating Net Zero Solutions

25 May 2023
Green Stage
Green Stage

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  • How is FMC complementary to other initiatives in the industry decarbonisation ecosystem and how can demand-driven action advance technical, financial and policy-related support for scaling domestic supply of low- or zero-carbon alternatives?
  • How does FMC fit with the priorities and leadership of the UK government on climate action and industry transition?
  • How can partnerships and collaborations between government, private sector, finance and civil society stakeholders accelerate decarbonisation efforts in the UK – and where are opportunities for business to be competitive in the low-carbon economy?
  • How have FMC Members been leading in delivering on their offtake commitments and making deals up and downstream of their value chains?
  • What demand-focused initiatives in the United Kingdom are complementary to FMC’s mission and what’s the role of innovation agencies in this regard?
  • What supply-side projects are in the pipeline in the UK to meet the offtake commitments made by FMC members?


Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer - Holcim
Nathan Cooper, Director, Policy & Engagement - High-Level Climate Champions
David Livingston, Senior Advisor & Managing Director for Energy - US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate
Christian Coolsaet, Managing Director - Volvo Trucks
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