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BCG X: Fast Tracking Green Tech Deployment

24 May 2023
Decarbonising Working Groups
Decarbonising Working Groups

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The urgency of addressing climate change requires the rapid industrialisation and widespread adoption of green tech. What stands in the way of the mass production and market acceptance of these new technologies? How can organisations overcome these obstacles and achieving fast-paced industrialisation?

Kanika Chandaria, Lead Venture Architect - BCG X
Stefan GroƟ-Selbeck, Senior Partner and Managing Director at BCG, Global Leader of BCG X Green Tech - BCG X
Vuk Trifkovic, Managing Director and Partner - BCG X
Irina Gorbounova, Vice President M&A and Head of XCarb "Innovation Fund" - ArcelorMittal
Amy Ruddock, VP for Europe and the Middle East - Carbon Engineering
Ben Potter, SVP Strategy & Corporate Development - Energy Dome
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