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Ampd Energy: An Emission Free Future for Construction

24 May 2023
Innovation Showcase
Innovation Showcase

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The buildings and construction sector accounts for almost 40% of global carbon emissions with 23% directly attributable to the construction of buildings. While materials used in construction get the lion share of the blame, the operational activities of construction sites account for around half a billion tonnes of carbon emission per year – largely attributable to the burning of fossil fuels at sites by machinery and equipment. Ampd’s flagship product, the Enertainer, eliminates the need for fossil fuel generators on construction sites, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 85%, eliminates the equivalent of up to 400 cars of air pollution from the road, and eliminates fossil fuel fire and spillage risks. The Enertainer is also 30 times quieter than a generator, which is especially important in urban environments. 

Julian de Jonquieres, COO - Ampd Energy
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