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Sustainable Fitch: Turning Ambition Into Action

25 May 2023
Green Stage
Green Stage

Introducing Sustainable Fitch’s transition assessment to inform on the targets and progress of companies in transition – to enable the transformation of the energy system and accelerate global progress to net zero.

  • Building on the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Transition Framework launched at COP27
  • Addressing the changing role of the energy system in delivering the Paris goals
  • Establishing the principles of transition and different paths to support a net zero world
  • Unpicking the complexity and putting the energy transition in the context of sectors and regions
  • Illuminating the spectrum of companies in action that sit between ‘black’ and ‘green’ today
Providing investors with tools to assess and mobilise capital into businesses accelerating progress.
Craig Gosnell, Senior Director - ESG/Sustainable Finance, BRM - Fitch Ratings
Antoine Corbin, Head of EMEA Corporate ESG Ratings - Sustainable Fitch
Alan Haywood, SVP ESG Transformation - bP
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