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Mura Technology: Advanced Recycling; A Low Carbon, Sustainable Solution Delivering to Net Zero

24 May 2023
Green Stage
Green Stage

Plastic pollution has become a global issue, but our attempts to solve this crisis have so far eluded us. Yet, plastic is an integral part of our daily lives – and our dependence continues to grow. So, how can we keep the important benefits of plastic, such as in packaging or pharmaceuticals, and focus in on transitioning to a low carbon, fossil resource reduction future? Advanced recycling technologies are becoming a clear solution to this intractable challenge, delivering circularity and resource conservation, and contributing significantly to net zero outcomes. It’s time to get behind a new ‘win-win’.

This presentation will cover:

  • The plastic pollution and recycling crisis
  • What advanced recycling technologies are and how do they address this challenge
  • How Mura Technology’s process delivers class-leading circularity and net zero outcomes for the whole value chain.
Dr Geoff Brighty, Chief Sustainability Officer - Mura Technology
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