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ESG360°: Industry collaboration to engage supplier partners

25 May 2023
Innovation Showcase
Innovation Showcase

For many industries, Scope 3 represents more than 80% of their emissions but accessing the information and data needed to move the dial on decarbonisation sits within often complex value chains. Companies need to approach & engage their value chains, with clear goals, but also recognising current status and challenges. Industry collaboration would greatly help in collecting this pertinent information supplier partners and then solutions can be found in working together. In this session, we will be discussing the following:

·       Where do you start with suppliers?

·       How the engagement can be made more meaningful and effective?

·       Which information is necessary? Is emissions data enough? What about other ESG issues?

·       What actions can be taken to support the supplier partners within their own organisations?

·       How can the integrity of the data can be ensured given the latest ESG regulation will require the reported information to be audited?

Anj Chadha, CEO - ESG 360'
Claire Toomey, Sustainability & ESG Manager - Howden Joinery Group plc
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