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SHOWCASE - UK Innovators That Move the Needle

24 May 2023

This session gives a unique opportunity for UK start-ups/unicorns/SMEs with genuinely ground-breaking technology to pitch their innovations and inspire the audience as to how they can play a part in accelerating the 'zero' transition. Technologies across nuclear, battery storage, hydrogen, carbon capture, network balancing, fuel cells, electrification, circular economy (e.g., waste to fuel) are expected.

This session welcomes innovators and thought leaders with the ideas and technologies to make a difference:

Chasing the future of infinite clean power

  • Nicholas Hawker, CEO, First Light Fusion

Solving the carbon conundrum with Direct Air Capture

  • Amy Ruddock, VP Europe and Middle East, Carbon Engineering

Scotland’s first transmission connected battery – a case study

  • Tom Palmer, Head of Business Development – Network Infrastructure, Zenobe Energy

Building a web of net-zero data with Open Net Zero

  • Gavin Starks, CEO, Icebreaker One

Quantum Technologies for Net Zero

  • Christopher Payne-Dwyer, Quantum Technology Hub Business Development Manager, QuantIC – Quantum Enhanced Imaging

Unleashing the potential of MOFs for Next Generation Carbon Capture
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a novel class of advanced material, and have shown a lot of promise in myriad applications since their discovery in the 1990s. With performance data indicating an attractive energy and cost profile, MOFs are making strides as a next generation carbon capture adsorbent. Unfortunately, their growth and adoption has so far been hampered by a perceived lack of scale and high pricing. Promethean is pioneering a paradigm shift in MOFs, using their proprietary continuous flow technology to move the needle on both manufacturing scale and delivered cost.

  • James Stephenson, CEO, Promethean Particles
Nicholas Hawker, CEO - First Light Fusion
Amy Ruddock, VP for Europe and the Middle East - Carbon Engineering
Gavin Starks, CEO - IcebreakerOne
Christopher Payne-Dwyer, Quantum Technology Hub Business Development Manager - QuantIC - Quantum Enhanced Imaging
James Stephenson, CEO - Promethean Particles
Tom Palmer, Head of Business Development - Zenobe

Session sponsor:

Zenobe  Promethean Particles
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