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Drax: From Yorkshire to the World

25 May 2023
Green Stage
Green Stage

Carbon removals and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies are set to play a more prominent and expanded role in the coming years, as we recognise the urgent importance of not just reducing carbon, but also actively removing it from the atmosphere.

Leading climate bodies, including the IPCC and the CCC, recognise the important role that carbon removal technologies will play in the coming years if the world is to limit global warming to 1.5c, and countries are to hit decarbonisation targets.  But it is also vital that we maintain energy security amid growing geopolitical pressures. Bioenergy with carbon capture storage (BECCS) is the only technology that provides both carbon removals capabilities as well as low-carbon, flexible and dispatchable power. And it has been trialled and proven at Drax Power Station in the heart of Yorkshire, and now is ready to be scaled up.

BECCS’ benefits go far beyond supporting energy security and decarbonisation.  In the UK, the technology will provide thousands of jobs, skills and opportunities for people and businesses across the North, helping level-up industrial heartlands.  And, globally this home-grown technology will provide significant export opportunities for the UK, tapping into a carbon removals market that McKinsey have estimated could worth up to $1 trillion.

Join us for a panel discussion/fireside chat as we discuss the role Yorkshire has to play in global decarbonisation efforts, with technology developed in God’s Own Country utilised across the globe.

Richard Gwilliam, UK BECCS Programme Director - Drax
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