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Free and Open Emissions Data: How Enterprise can rapidly reduce emissions by taking a data-driven approach powered by Climate TRACE

25 May 2023
Innovation Showcase
Innovation Showcase
An introduction to Climate TRACE, a comprehensive inventory of every human-caused source of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet.  Founded by Former Vice President Al Gore and a coalition of organisations with expertise in emissions data science, Climate TRACE uses direct observations and not self-reported data to build up-to-date emissions data for every major sector and subsector.  Using satellites, remote sensing, big data, and artificial intelligence, Climate TRACE estimates emissions for hundreds of thousands of sources in over 241 countries and territories.  Enterprises can use Climate TRACE to understand their scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions across their supply chains and look at options for lower emitting suppliers enabling rapid and verifiable emissions reductions.  Organisations will learn how they can take action today to accelerate their net zero commitments.
Nick Wise, CEO - OceanMind
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