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British Business Bank: Zeroing in on Green Investment

24 May 2023
Green Stage
Green Stage

For tech businesses operating in sectors enabling the net zero economy, investment in research and development takes both time and money. Investors in turn face challenges in deciding which technologies are likely to produce the high-growth businesses of tomorrow. With recent slowdowns in the markets for growth and venture capital, early-stage businesses need to know more than ever what funders are looking for potential investments, and how they can make themselves more attractive to investors.


Join host Catherine Lewis La Torre, CEO of British Patient Capital, at this panel session with three major investors who are funding businesses that are increasing the pace of the transition to net zero and hear first-hand insights into the market.
Catherine Lewis La Torre, CEO - British Patient Capital
Scott Marshall, Managing Director - Roma Finance
Patrick Sheehan, Founder & Managing Partner - ETF Partners
Estia Ryan, Head of Research - Eka Ventures
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