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BestPractice.Club: Reconciling Resilience and Net Zero For Supply Chain

24 May 2023
Decarbonising Working Groups
Decarbonising Working Groups

Achieving net zero within complex global supply chains would be a tough enough challenge even in the relatively stable operating context that existed before the pandemic. Now, supply chains face the additional challenge of becoming more resilient to cope with political, economic, technological and climate-driven volatility as well as meeting net zero commitments. Beginning with the big-picture context for global trade, we'll explore the practical steps supply chains are taking towards net zero, addressing questions including:

  • To what extent do today’s supply chains need to be fundamentally reimagined and redesigned to meet net zero targets while maintaining competitiveness?
  • What lessons learned can be leveraged from scope 1 & 2 initiatives to support the 80% of the “net zero iceberg’ compromised by scope 3?
  • The scope 3 ‘holy trinity’ opportunity: aligning collaboration for resilience, innovation AND sustainability.
Mark Williams, Managing Director - Shipping Strategy Ltd.
JP Doggett, Co-Owner - Best
Oriol Margo, EMEA Sustainability Transformation Leader - Kimberly-Clark
Dr Jas Kalra, Head of Supply Chain - Arcadis
James Butcher, CEO - Supply Pilot
Mark Perera, Founder & Board Member - Vizibl
Liz Wood, Sustainability Manager and Principal Consultant - Beyondly
Eloise Cotton, Head of Sustainable Development UK&I - Schneider Electric
Amanda Wood, Supply Chain Sustainability Director - BAE Systems
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